Dustin Bryson

Dustin Bryson

Campus Development Pastor

Today is a big day for me (and for our entire team really).  Today is the beginning of the culmination of three years of work.  I was hired, half-time, to develop Morning Star Church’s first video venue and the job seemed doable but daunting.  I was given tons of help from the church staff as well as the Missouri Annual conference and, truth be told, none of this would have happened without them.

Watching everything as it starts to come together has been a beautiful thing for me.  I’m seeing all the random ideas, micro details and volunteer personalities start to mesh in a holy (and wholly) anointed way and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m excited for me because this is actually happening dangit!  I’m excited for the launch team because we are building something beautiful that will impact real peoples lives and, hopefully, help them fall more deeply in love with Jesus.  I’m excited for our Morning Star Church family because this new campus is another step in proclaiming the gospel in greater St. Louis.

Today we will load up, unload, set-up, practice, worship, tear-down, load up, unload then fall fast asleep from exhaustion.  This is the good stuff of life.  We have so many days exactly like the one before it.  This is not that day.

May God be glorified by our efforts.  May His name be lifted high.  May today’s preparation be a building block on the foundation of something beautiful.  In Jesus’ name!