We are excited to welcome you to Morning Star Church! We’ve found that there are some common questions people have when they visit, so we’d like to go ahead and answer some of those for you here.


Visiting a church for the first time can be a little intimidating. People tend to worry about what to wear and what to say… and then there’s the whole ohmagosh-what-if-they-make-me-stand-up-and-introduce-myself fear. Here’s the deal: You can totally relax at Morning Star Church. We want to meet you wherever you are – spiritually, emotionally, relationally and just about any other “-ly” you can possibly imagine. We don’t pressure or judge; we invite and encourage. For real.


Yeah, we really don’t care what you wear. Wear jeans. Wear shorts. Wear jean shorts. You can even wear a tie if you feel like that’s really necessary. Just pretty please leave the speedo at home.


Typically, our services last a little over an hour. On Saturdays, worship begins at 5 p.m. in our largest room called the “Auditorium.” On Sundays, we offer worship at 9 a.m and 11 a.m. in the Auditorium as well as our more intimate worship space called “The Venue.” Typically, each service begins with about three praise songs, led by our worship band, and is then followed by a relevant and engaging message (sermon) from one of our pastors. The experience ends with a final song and a blessing for the week. After the service, you can meet one of our pastors in the lobby at the Next Step Center.

Instead of offering Adult Sunday School on the weekends, we encourage those who make Morning Star their church home to attend one service and volunteer at one service on the weekend.


You’ll hear Pastor Mike say, “We are imperfect people connecting others to the perfect love of God.” What he means by this is we have no expectation of perfection. We realize everyone has stuff, and that stuff separates us from God and each other. That’s one thing we try real hard to do, meet people wherever they are and help them grow closer to Christ. So come as you are and experience the love of Christ through His people for yourself.


We prefer not to call ’em sermons because that feels too much like lecture … and we figure you get enough of those from your spouse, your dentist, that kid down the street who was just made safety monitor at his school. Messages are different: They’re shared with you, not preached at you. They’re something you can take in and chew on without feeling defensive or ashamed. And, if as if that weren’t enough, they also have meaning and relevance to your everyday life. Pretty sweet, huh?


About 1,500 people attend worship each weekend at Morning Star Church. That’s a lot of people! If that feels intimidating to you, don’t worry! We’ve made it easy to meet others through our four convenient Connect Classes.


We love children! In fact, there are about a gazillion of them around here. Parents don’t even have to bribe their kids to come to Morning Star, because they really like it here! Morning Star Kids offers fun and educational activities geared toward children ages birth through fifth grade. Kids have a good time and learn more about God.

Stop by our Kids Hub the first time you bring your child. After that initial visit, you’ll be able to check-in your child directly at his or her room starting 15 minutes before each worship service.


We think students are mad dope, yo! (They say that, right?). We encourage middle and high school students to sit with the “fam” during worship. Then, come back on Sunday nights for our weekly Student Gatherings from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in The Venue (August through May). These gathering are created for students by students. They include live music that encourages interaction with God and each along with prayer walls, icebreaker discussions, open mic opportunities, journaling stations and a short devotion-style lesson.


No need to drop $5 at the store down the street to get your coffee on. We’ll hook you up for free at our Cafe. We also offer a variety of soft drinks and iced teas available for sale. Even better, proceeds from the Cafe go to benefit mission and outreach opportunities.

Here are some other next steps you might find helpful:

Explore what we believe
Watch a message online
Meet our pastors and staff