Have you ever noticed how clumsy kids are? If you haven’t, you aren’t paying enough attention. They fall down a lot – I have four and can attest to this fact. Without fail, we administer band-aids in my house at least once a day (usually more). Yet, as most adults know, band-aids never fix the problem, they simply serve to cover it up and help you forget it’s there. You may not see the wound or feel as strong a sting of the air on the scrape, but the knee is still scraped, you’ve just become rather indifferent to it.

Isn’t it interesting that this concept seems to follow us into adulthood? Although, many of us grow out of our clumsiness (I’m still waiting), we still buy into the narrative that a band-aid can help us feel better. The packaging and form change a little, but the thinking is still the same – hide the problem to stop considering the truth that lies a little deeper and feel better.

“We still buy into the narrative that a band-aid can help us feel better. The packaging and form change a little, but the thinking is still the same.

Our band-aid can come in different forms, but usually it’s linked to an idea that we’re deserving of personal indulgence, so we gladly partake. We feel better after that trip to Target or after that Starbucks drink. We dream of a lake house or know we’ll be happier after that “perfect” vacation. We do whatever it takes to be on (or get our kids on) the best team or reach a certain level of prestige.  A thousand different things vie for our attention and time and passion, promising a better way and a fuller life, and in the moment these things are great, but that’s the point. They all serve to anesthetize us to the higher purpose we can serve. At best, we become distracted from God’s calling; at worst, we actually detract from the work that God has called us to. All in pursuit of things that only bring temporary satisfaction.

Jesus was fully aware of our tendency to accept cultural values above God’s (Check out Mark 7:7-12). He even goes so far as to call out our quickness to justify these behaviors. He knew we try to seek out excuses and easy solutions, but all these ever do is create indifference to the real problems at hand.  An indifference that ultimately masks over the truth that we’ve been called to seek.

“We’ve masked over the truth with indifference for far too long.”

If we are ever going to break from this cycle of indifference we have to start by opening ourselves to God’s truth.  Jesus told us, “I am the way, the truth and the life”, but so many times we seek new ways, false truths and temporary life.  Jesus’ words, however, aren’t individual categories, they’re all linked to each another. As we seek God’s way before our own, His truth is revealed to us and we enter into His life. As we tear away our indifference and seek the God of truth we begin to see things with new eyes. Eyes ready to help heal a broken and hurting world and bring a wholeness we can’t find in any Target, vacation, Starbucks, or status level.

Our band-aids might feel like they help, but in our application, we have avoided the real work that it takes to start fixing the problems. We’ve masked over the truth with indifference for far too long. It’s time for all of us to take a step to peel away our indifference to pursue the True Life.

Continue The Conversation
  1. What places do you most often try to seek satisfaction?
  2. What are a couple ways these things have created indifference to those outside your immediate community?
  3. What is one place you can peel away your “band-aid” and seek God’s truth in your life?
  4. Who is someone in your life that you can choose to walk alongside rather than overlooking?