Our Kids Ministry – birth through 5th grade – is designed to provide engaging, age-appropriate experiences that our kids can’t wait to attend and help them take next steps on their spiritual journey.

When the light of the church (Yellow) and the heart of the family (Red) come together, Orange happens. Orange is a strategic partnership in which every person, every leader, every volunteer, every parent understands that we have the ability to make a greater, lasting impact on a child’s spiritual growth by working together. Our desire is that, as a Church, we will plant in the hearts of our children seeds of faith, deeply rooted in the love of Jesus Christ.

Click on the links below for an overview of our weekend programming in both Early Childhood and Elementary, along with the basic truths and faith skills we hope our kids will know and understand by the time they transition to Student Ministry.

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Basic Truths
God made me.
God loves me.
Jesus wants to be my Forever Friend.

The Nest: Infants (6-weeks old) through Toddlers (18-months)
The Nook: Toddlers (18 to 30 months)
The Hideout: Preschoolers (2 1/2 to 3-years old)
The Treehouse: Pre-kindergarteners (4 to 6-years old)

Ministry to children at Morning Star begins when they are infants. Here a foundation of prayer begins, as godly men and women are encouraged to pray over these little ones. As language develops (13-24 months), we begin introducing Biblical truths through frequent use and illustration. This pattern of prayer and instruction continues with toddlers (2 year olds) by building a Biblical vocabulary and helping children see a great God through Bible stories they can understand. A Biblical foundation is laid with preschoolers (3 year olds-PreK) as Old and New Testament stories reveal God loves me, God made me, and Jesus wants to be my Forever Friend.

Basic Truths
I need to make the wise choice.
I can trust God no matter what.
I should treat others the way that I want to be treated.

The Cabana: Kindergarten through 1st grade
The Hut: 2nd and 3rd graders
The Loft: 4th and 5th graders

When children enter Kindergarten, they begin developing their understanding of the Bible and learning how to live out Scripture in their daily lives. Children are encouraged to bring their Bible, memorize monthly key verses, participate in the worship experience, and invite their friends. As children progress through each grade they learn about spiritual disciplines and are provided with mission opportunities that allow them to begin learning responsibility and commitment within the Morning Star community. By the time they graduate fifth grade, we trust that every child knows and understands “I need to make the wise choice,” “I can trust God no matter what,” and “I should treat others the way I want to be treated.”