Reports To: Central Services Worship Leader
FLSA Status: Salaried | Part-time
Job Overview: This is a part time worship leader position for video venue.


Reports To: Executive Leader of Creative
FLSA Status: Salaried | Exempt
Job Overview: The AVL Technical Director will demonstrate a strong commitment to Jesus Christ while overseeing the maintenance and operation of Audio/Video/Lighting equipment and volunteers on campus. The AVL Technical Director’s ultimate goal is that services and events across all facilities and venues are able to use technology effectively and strategically to enhance the experience of those attending. The Technical Director will work closely with the entire Worship Arts ministry and provide Audio/Video/Lighting training and resources to other ministries.


Reports To: Executive Leader of Creative
FLSA Status: Salaried | Exempt
Job Overview: We are looking for a talented video producer to develop and assemble recorded footage into a finished project that matches the churches vision and is suitable for broadcasting. The goal is to bring sight and sound together in order to tell a cohesive compelling story.


Reports To: Family Ministry Coordinator
FLSA Status: Contracted
Job Overview: Child Care Providers for Morning Star Church will be responsible for providing Child Care for children while their parents attend classes and meetings at church.