Connection Coordinator

Reports To: Congregation Services Coordinator

10 hours per week

The connection manager is a non-paid staff member who works approximately 10 hours a week. Their role is to coordinate Morning Star efforts centered around new comers. Tasks include but are not limited to data entry, follow up calls, follow up messages, invites and sign ups. The Connection Coordinator will manage a staff of volunteer phone callers, work along side volunteer connection coaches and ministry connectors and answer directly to the Congregation Services Coordinator.

Mid-Week Phone Callers:

Reports To: Office Coordinator

5-10 hours per week

Each week a team of 4 to 5 phone callers receive a list of new comers, absent attendees, and/or shut ins. It is this team’s role to call each member on their list and work as a triage nurse determining each call receivers specific situation and determine which department would best be able to serve that need. The team member will then enter the data of the phone call, and assign the proper department’s next step. Phone Caller team members have the option of using their own phone or reporting to the Morning Star office. Team members report to the office coordinator

Data Entry Team:

Reports To: Office Coordinator

5-10 hours per month

The data entry team reports to the office to enter data centered around worship service, discipleship classes and serving attendance. Team members will be trained on operating within the CCB data system, and have a specific task to achieve for each entry. Data entry team members must be willing to work at the Morning Star office and report to the office coordinator.

Costume Seamstress:

Reports To: Pastor Keith

Seasonal – 3 to 4 times per year

Morning Star is building a production team to manage the many videos, sketches and full productions we produce each year. Costume design work experience preferred but not required. Must have sewing skills and be able to work with various types of materials. This person will join the creative team and report to Pastor Keith.