Morning Star Church offers a variety of yoga classes; one of them is sure to fit your needs. All 75-minute classes led by Certified Yoga Instructors Dede Schreiner, Stacy Fidler, and Tina Parsons. They are designed for ages 15 and older and end with a time of peaceful rest and relaxation. Learn how to experience God’s peace through movement, breath and stillness.

“I AM Yoga is an invitation for me to journey to become my best possible self.  As an individual who has been all over the place in my fitness pursuit, I have found Yoga to be a gentle, unconditional place to be mindful of not only my body but of my whole self.  The congruency of blending the physical, mental, and spiritual self is very beneficial to my body and nourishing to my soul!”   — Laura

“Thank you for offering I AM Yoga.  I am a more compassionate person and better husband and father because of it.  Not to mention, my back doesn’t hurt anymore.”  — Robin

First time? Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early, wear comfortable exercise clothing (nothing too baggy) and arrive on an empty stomach.

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CHILDCARE available:
Tuesday at 9 am (Yoga class begins at 9:30 am)
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Sept - Oct 2017 Schedule

MON. Sept 11-Oct 30
4:45 pm | $88                                          Yoga for Teen Girls                                  Stacy Fidler
6:30 pm | $88                                          Relax & Restore                                       Stacy Fidler
$13 Single Drop-in (No class Sept 4)

TUES. Sept 5-Oct 31
9:30 am | $99                                         Morning Flow                                            Dede Schreiner
$13 Single Drop in (Childcare available)

WED. Sept 6-Oct 25
9 am                                                            Morning Flow                                      Dede Schreiner
12 Noon                                                     Gentle Journey                                    Dede Schreiner
6:30 pm                                                     Relax & Restore                                   Dede Schreiner
$88 | $13 Single Drop-in 

THURS. Sept 7-Oct 26
9 am | $80                                                Blended Happy Hour                          Dede Schreiner
$12 Single Drop in 

FRI. Sept 22
4:30-9 am                                                Soul Care Camp–Teen Girls                  Stacy Fidler

Cash or check payable to named instructor.  Small processing fee for Debit/Credit.  We request all classes be enjoyed in given session and not carried over; grace for emergencies and illness.  We happily pro-rate the session due to travel or special circumstances.  All are welcome in all classes.  | FB-I AM Yoga Now
Dede Schreiner, RYT |
Stacy Fidler, RYT |

Yoga for Teen Girls | Every girl struggles with something: low self-esteem, social media bullying, disordered eating, body shame, self-harm or addiction.  This compassionate practice equips & encourages girls with holistic coping skills that facilitate healing, confidence, and transformation by discovering their identity in Christ. Learn empowering yoga postures, cultivate a calm and peace-filled mind, reduce anxiety, and release stress held in your body.   Each practice includes a safe open share.  M, 4:45 pm (75 mins)

Morning Flow | Awaken and energize all systems in your body.  Linking breath with movement, this invigorating class will elevate your heart rate, build strength & stamina, improve balance, & increase mental focus.  Designed for those desiring to begin a dedicated Yoga practice or deepen an existing practice.  T-9:30 am; W-9 am (75 mins) 

Gentle Journey | Slow down by moving wisely and compassionately, & resting in restorative poses that facilitate a deep sense of release.  Mindful attention to deep breathing & alignment, development of core & muscular strength, flexibility & stress reduction.  Sharpen your skills of concentration, patience & balance.  Notice your compassion toward others increase!  Excellent for persons with physical limitations.  W, 12 Noon (75 mins)

Candlelight Relax & Restore | Surrender & stillness are the antidotes to physical & mental exhaustion. Escape noise, stress and the demands of life in this meditative practice.  Blankets, bolsters and blocks are used to gently support your body to release held tension.  Experience how Yin-style stretching & focused, deep breathing calm your mind, renew your spirit, increase your flexibility and remind you how loved you are by God. M & W, 6:30 pm (75 mins)

Blended Happy Hour | Enjoy one hour of dedicated time to awaken, renew and connect with God and to yourself thru a journey of several different yoga styles.  Refresh and alert, you depart open and receptive to love & serve others well and live on purpose.  Th, 9 am (1 hour)

Soul Care Camp-Teen Girls | Stacy leads teen girls to begin exploring and developing an “inner life” by delivering Divinely inspired Truths and Love to empower and inspire girls toward a personal relationship with God. “Your True Self, your deepest identity, your unique blueprint is who you are in God and who God is in you.”  In this sacred space, girls embark on a spiritual journey, learning to grow roots in God’s promises so that they may rise up into their I AM Identity.  A soul circle invites the girls to cultivate spiritual disciplines through mindful movement, meditation, art therapy, & Christ-centered mentoring in an open, safe share circle, connecting their heart, mind, and soul to God in creative ways.

Morning Star Church – The Venue | 1600 Feise Road | Dardenne Prairie, MO | 63368 | FB–I AM Yoga Now
Dede Schreiner, RYT |    Stacy Fidler, RYT |