Morning Star Church offers a variety of yoga classes; one of them is sure to fit your needs. All 75-minute classes led by Certified Yoga Instructors Dede Schreiner, Stacy Fidler, and Tina Parsons. They are designed for ages 15 and older and end with a time of peaceful rest and relaxation. Learn how to experience God’s peace through movement, breath and stillness.

First time? Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early, wear comfortable exercise clothing (nothing too baggy) and arrive on an empty stomach.

MAR-APR Schedule

March-April, 2017                                                                                  Dede Schreiner, RYT
Morning Star Church | Venue                                                               Stacy Fidler, RYT

Mar 6 – Apr 24
6:30 pm (1 hr)                                      Yoga for Recovery                               Stacy Fidler
$70 (7-week session–no class 4/17)
$12 Single Drop in

Mar 7 – Apr 25
9:30 am (75 mins)                             Morning Flow                                        Dede Schreiner
$88 (8-week session—Childcare available)
$13 Single Drop in


Mar 8 – Apr 26
9:00 am  (75 mins)                           Morning Flow                                 Dede Schreiner
12 Noon (75 mins)                           Gentle Journey                              Dede Schreiner
6:30 pm  (75 mins)                           Candlelight Relax & Restore        Dede Schreiner
$88 (8-week session)
$13 Single Drop-in


Mar 9 – Apr 27
9:00 am (1 hr)                                      Blended Happy Hour                         Dede Schreiner
$88 (8-week session)
$12 Single Drop in

Cash or check payable to named instructor.  Small processing fee for Debit/Credit.  We request all classes be enjoyed in given session and not carried over; grace for emergencies and illness.  We happily pro-rate the session due to travel or special circumstances.


Mar 1-Apr 15:                     Lent (40 days leading up to Easter)
Mar 6, 7, 8, 9:                      I AM Yoga Gives Back (Donations to area need)
March 14:                            Wild Tree Tasting and Food Prep Workshop, 6 pm
March 20:                            First day of Spring (Spring Equinox)

CHILDCARE available:
Tuesday at 9 am (Yoga class begins at 9:30 am)
Click HERE to register.

Boundaries.  Many scientists believe we are “hard-wired” to live in rhythmic awareness, to be in and then step out, to be engrossed an then detached, to work and then to rest.   Just as God is the author of boundaries, we’ll discover how Jesus lived this out by establishing sacred rhythms of relationships, work and rest.  We’re eager to welcome you to your mat this week!


As excited as we are to offer specialized classes like Chair Yoga and to bring back the Thursday morning 9:30 Yoga class, we must have at least 5 persons committed to continue these.   If you are thinking about giving either class a try, just show up and get a taste of what Yoga is all about.  You may be surprised it’s much more than you imagined, and available to everyone.


Donations to area need

March 6, 7, 8 & 9


Wildtree Meal Prep Workshop
March 14
6-8:30 pm 





March 20

Yoga for RECOVERY: This is a healing practice that expands upon the lessons in Celebrate RECOVERY while moving through a series of therapeutic postures to steady your mind and become fully present in your body. Yoga teaches us how to move through sensations and uncomfortable feelings with greater ease as you cultivate inner strength, self-awareness, enhanced self-esteem, become more confident and empowered by using your mat as a tool to rest in the Presence of God and allow him full access to replenish and restore you. Yoga for RECOVERY is a complement to your spiritual path and the work of your 12 step program allowing for deeper healing and growth by being nourished emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through this 60 minute practice, you will learn how to calm your mind and body through your breath, gentle movement and meditation. Come with an open heart and mind. Nourish your relationship with God and yourself, heal from the inside out and Grow abundant in your recovery.

Morning Flow: Awaken and energize all systems in your body. Linking breath with movement, this invigorating class will keep your heart elevated, build stamina, improve balance, and increase mental focus. Designed for those desiring to begin a dedicated Yoga practice or deepen an existing practice. Experience a calm intensity

Gentle Journey: Step away from your day to slow down and re-center. This class blends a mix of fluid slow-flow movement with restorative poses to facilitate a deep sense of release and letting go. A mindful attention to deep breathing and alignment. Develop skills of concentration and patience, which help focus the mind in moving meditation. Excellent for developing core and muscular strength, flexibility and stress reduction. This is a practice from head to toe. Open to all.

Candlelight Relax & Restore: Physical exhaustion can make us feel spiritually dull, but that passes with some rest. Allow yourself to come, let go of your day, and escape the noise, stress and demands of life. A meditative practice with longer holds of postures to move past the muscular tissue into the connective tissue. Blankets, bolster, and blocks are used to gently support your body to release held tension. Experience how Yin-style stretching, deep mindful breathing, and Christian meditation will calm your mind, refresh your spirit and increase your flexibility.