Mission Trips

Morning Star has a couple of ways we get to share in what God is doing in Guatemala. We partner with missionaries Randy and Brenda Purcell through Missionary Ventures International (MVI) and help support their day to day work as they minister to pastors and their churches throughout Guatemala.

We also have the honor of helping fund two feeding centers, one through a woman named Sarita Carson and another through a single pastor, Neri Flores. Sarita’s feeding center serves a meal to 200 children 5 days a week! She has greatly impacted her community by putting into action her motto, “If I can feed their stomachs, I can feed their minds. If I can feed their minds, I can feed their souls.” The other feeding center has been personally funded by Pastor Neri and with Morning Star’s help he is not only able to keep the doors open to the 60-80 children that come for food twice a week, but he is able to expand this ministry. He also has gained the trust of the community so that he can teach values classes in the local school weekly. It’s an honor that we at Morning Star get to share what God has given us to make such an impact in a place such as this! You should really go see for yourself sometime!

In the past, we have led VBS and done construction projects on schools, churches, and an orphanage. We are currently planning ways to further our partnership in Guatemala. If you are interested in learning more about our ministry opportunities in Guatemala, contact Jennifer Long.


  1. If you don’t already have one, apply for a passport right away!
  2. Attend the required team training. We’ll give you the date, time and location of that session after you register. You’ll take care of additional, required paperwork at that session.
  3. Check out the CDC recommended vaccinations and check with your doctor to see if you are current. Malaria preventative medication is recommended (the CDC suggests chloroquine, but verify with your doctor if this is right for you).