I may be strange, but I really enjoy foggy mornings. Tuesday, we had just one such morning. Driving into work always feels a little different when you have to make the commute in the fog. The roads feel foreign and the scenery seems to engulf you as the fog blocks out the larger landscape. There is a certain peace that the fog seems to bring as it washes over the world.

But this morning, the grove of trees looked different as the fog covered the entirety of their surroundings.

Along my drive is a small grove of trees that rarely catch my attention. They’re sandwiched between the freeway, an overpass and a retirement home just off the outer road I drive in on – not the kind of place you would consider scenic in the least. But this morning, the grove of trees looked different as the fog covered the entirety of their surroundings. I pulled my car to the side of the road to take it in for a moment and snap a picture. Beauty as if I had been transported to a clean and unblemished wilderness somewhere far from here. Everything else was cut out from my view – no trucks, no overpass, no big box stores or retirement homes, or any other reminders of what I knew to be there. Simply a masterpiece of nature hidden in plain sight.

In our own lives, how often do we view ourselves in light of the messes that are all around us? Some of them seem to show up in our lives at no choice of our own, others may be a result of our own actions. No matter the case, we sometimes feel we are inseparable from our messes with nothing of beauty left to offer. We forget that indeed there is a masterpiece at the heart of the mess.

Yes, we were saved from a mess, but we were also saved to be seen as God’s masterpiece.

Even if we accept that we are saved people, we still see everything around us that we are being saved from. Our faith becomes a faith of avoidance and checklists that keep us distracted from the truth. Yes, we were saved from a mess, but we were also saved to be seen as God’s masterpiece – creations pointing back to the creator. Bright spots in the midst of chaos, a light in the darkness, an unexpected forest by on overpass.
As saved people, we accept that God has stepped in to remove us from our mess. Like the early morning fog, God has covered our flaws and failures – they’re no longer in the picture. We don’t live in a place of guilt or shame anymore. In Christ, we are new creations. Creations freed from the weight of our mess, to be seen for who we are created to be:
Masterpieces created for good work.
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  1. What defaults do you see as your “messy” surroundings?
  2. What is a time you feel that you were most seen as a masterpiece? Why did this time stick in your memory?
  3. Take a moment to consider where God has gifted you and the places you have been created as a beautiful masterpiece. Where do you think you can best use those gifts?
  4. Pray to God, thanking Him for covering the messy areas of your life and releasing Him to cover the areas you are still holding onto.


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